Sustainability for entrepreneurs

Startup Central and Danmark for Målene (Denmark for the SDG) invite startups and other stakeholders within the startup-field to this inspiring event focusing on, how and why entrepreneurship and United Nations’ 17 SDG go hand in hand.

There’s no doubt that entrepreneurship, innovation, and new ways of thinking business are crucial elements in relation to sustainable development and for the society to achieve the SDG.

While ‘born digital’ has been the buzzwords for startsups in the last decade, we see that more startups adopt ‘born sustainable’. This transition means that startups withing different branches not only are interested in econimic growth. Instead and increasingly, the main focus is the interplay and reciprocity between the economic, social, and environmental bottom line.

This event offers speaks from entrepreneurs, who actively work with sustainability. Moreover, during the networking-session you get the opportunity to mingle with other entrepreneural fiery souls, ask questions to the speakers, and visit stands with represententatives from the business community.

In sum up, during the event we shed a light on and discuss questions like:

  • Why do entrepreneurship and sustainability go hand in hand?
  • How and why can you consider SDG as a strategic toolbox – and how do you turn over good intentions and words to actual actions?
  • How can we on both a local and national level support sustainable entrepreneurship?

The event takes place from 14.00-17.00

Contact information:

Victoria Mandrup Hansen

+45 29290113

Sustainability for entrepreneurs

VIA University College

Banegårdsgade 2, Horsens, Danmark