Test ideas & build stuff in Makerspace

Practice the mindsets and methods of prototyping to produce tangible results quickly.


Experiment with methods to prototype products, services and concepts. Prototyping is both a tool and a stage in the design process where ideas come to life.

Building prototypes is a low-cost and risk-averse way to get your ideas tangible and to gain others understanding.

What to expect?

This is an intensive, hands-on learning experience that will equip you to prototype products, services and concepts.

You will learn methods to quickly build prototypes, learn best practices for testing those ideas in the field, and how you can use prototyping to collect real user feedback to iterate efficiently.

When and where

9. november, 09-11.30 am, C03.23, Campus Horsens


Henrik Kronborg Pedersen, associate Professor, Software engineering Programme

Contact Information:

Pernille Hjort Boll

+45 87554054


VIA University College

Banegårdsgade 2, Horsens, Danmark